The future of marketing

Reach new customers through the nonprofits they feel passionate about

Bonbids is a cause marketing platform that lets you promote your business through nonprofits and their supporters. Help nonprofits raise money while getting tangible marketing results for your business.

A marketing campaign
based on giving

Bonbids is an exciting fundraising game played on any device. The supporters of nonprofits compete to win items you donate in a fun, social and unforgettable way while raising money for great causes.

No cash needed to start giving!

You can start marketing on the Bonbids platform with a simple donation in-kind, no setup fees, no minimum. If you want to grow your email list organically with opt-in prospects or distribute coupons and rebates directly to prospects via email, have a look at our advanced options.

  • Gain visibility and community goodwill

    By making an in-kind donation of something as simple as company gift cards, you can become part of a network of giving that connects you to nonprofits in your community and nationally.

  • Distribute coupons via email to interested prospects

    Bonbids is a whole new way to do discounts. If a person shows an interest in your donated item, they receive a coupon in their opt-in email to thank them for donating to a nonprofit. Don't cheapen your brand with regular couponing, offer a Bonbids coupon.
    Fees apply for this service.

  • Acquire an opt-in email and contact list of interested prospects

    Need to build your email and contact list? Bonbids can help you identify prospects that are interested in your products and provide you with an opt-in email and contact list of prospects.
    Fees apply for this service.